F.A.Q. / Frequently Asked Questions




1. How will I know if my booking is confirmed?

You will receive a confirmation email.





2. How can I book a service with ECOandONE?

Through the website or by phone.





3. Approximately what time will I receive a confirmation?

ECOandONE will respond in the shortest time possible and within office opening hours, open every day.





4. What if the rented vehicle is not working properly?

First, you should contact ECOandONE. If the rented vehicle is unable to continue the journey, ECOandONE will take all necessary steps to help you reach your destination without any additional cost to you





5. How can I reach my destination if I don’t know the way?

All vehicles are equipped with GPS. Moreover, the person who delivers the vehicle, is an expert in the city and accompanies you all the way to your destination.





6. Should I inspect the vehicle before renting?

Yes, you should inspect the vehicle if it is self-drive. At first, all vehicles delivered are checked by the company staff, but if an anomaly is detected it must be noted on the booking module.





7. Should I fill the tank with fuel before arriving at my destination?

No, the cost of fuel is already included in the price, as are the other points mentioned in the clause “Rates” in the terms of Rental Conditions.






8. Can I request a receipt?

Yes, if the credit card receipt is not enough, you can ask for a receipt, directly from the person who delivers the vehicle.






9. Is it possible to modify or cancel my reservation after it has been confirmed?

Yes, you can modify or cancel your reservation without charge until 48 hours before the agreed date, as foreseen in the terms of Rental Conditions.

Remember that no charge will be made on your credit card held as a guarantee of payment until the moment the vehicle is delivered.






10. If I do not have my driver’s license with me, because I have lost it or it was stolen, can I still rent the car?

In that case you cannot hire without driver services, but you can book a motorbike with a driver.






11.  When I arrive at my destination, can I continue using the vehicle?

You can, but only after contacting ECOandONE to check the availability of the vehicle. Normally bookings are made in advance according to the provisions in “Bookings” under the terms of Rental Conditions.






12.  If it starts raining just before the service and due to this service cannot be carried out, do I have to pay a penalty?

No, in the case of heavy rain, ECOandONE motorbikes do not operate, so in that case, cancellation of the reservation does not present any cost. The service will be active as soon as the weather changes, if possible, the same day. We recommend that you always contact ECOandONE.






13. Is it compulsory to wear a helmet?

Yes, helmet use is required by law.

The ECOandONE helmets are all size L, in perfect condition, sanitized and replaced periodically.

The rental price also includes a disposable cap for single use.






14. Should I sign a contract?

Yes, the person who delivers the vehicle will prepare a contract with the same terms of rent accepted in the web site and personal details must be included.






15. Can I book a waiting service in terminal?

ECOandONE has no office at the airport. You can book a waiting service in terminal for an additional fee. In this case a person will wait inside the terminal, at flight arrivals, with a sign indicating ECOandONE, and a copy of your reservation.

To go to the airport, there is no extra cost to pay..





16.  How is the delivery of the vehicle at the airport?

If you arrive at the airport indicating the time you want the vehicle available, not the arrival time of the flight (estimated time to pick up your suitcase and out of the terminal). The waiting time after the agreed time is 15 minutes. Then you have to pay the maximum waiting 1/2 hour for 15 euros. After that time without news from you the vehicle returns to the center and you'll pay the cost of 1 day rental or contracted rate.


Notifies to ECOandONE whenever your departure flight is delayed by phone, email or sms. It is your responsibility to inform ECOandONE.


ECOandONE estimated that each person has only hand luggage. Informed in writing at the time of booking if you have more luggage or are oversized for the vehicle rented is the ideal place to carry your luggage.









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